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Attention: Following a tooth injury it is not rare that damages or complications may occur delayed. Regular controls in short intervals - especially during the first years after trauma - are necessary.

When you and your dentist have made up appointments - do not miss them! Even a delay of just a few days may result in the loss of the tooth.


Tooth care

Important! Especially in cases the gum has been torn off the tooth (tooth was knocked out or was dislocated, the gum was ruptured) teeth must be cleaned carefully. Otherwise infections of the gingiva will occur and spread along the root; tooth retention is endangered.

The dentist cares that the splint is not located near the gingiva. Despite this the cleaning is more difficult. Begin cleaning the traumatised tooth the day after the trauma. Use special mouse rinsing solutions that reduce dental plaque and bacteria.


No loading of traumatised teeth? No!!

Especially teeth with severely damaged periodontium need a functional stimulus to regenerate the damaged tissues. Normal diet should be eaten. Of course overloading should be avoided.



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